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  • Kemble

    Horse - TWH - 20yrs - retired Mounted patrol horse
    Snowy, Bessie, Dora - Sheep
    Barney, Elmo, Edgar - Goats
    Justice, Kemble, Lincoln - Dogs
    Ringo - Alpaca
    Nugget - Sulcata tortoise - approx. 70lb
  • ID-7450
  • Snakes: Black and white kingsnake, albino milksnake, bullsnake, common boa constrictor (over 6' long). All snakes are tame, handleable, and able to be placed/posed with people or objects.
    The iguana can be squirmy when held, but generally stays still on props.
    The American alligator is able to be held and dressed up.
    The snapping turtle is not tame, but will generally sit still if placed somewhere.
    The tiger salamander is tame and handleable, and will stay where put.
    The scarlet macaw will step up for me and I can place him on props and he will stay put. He is fully flighted, although he is unable to fully open his wings.
    The blue & gold macaw is very tame (to women only; she\\\'s scared of men), and will step up, be rolled onto her back, and can be dressed up in costumes. She is also able to fly, though she does pluck the feathers on her chest and shoulders.