About Us

ATP Unleashed:

Animal Talent Pool is an animal modeling agency dedicated to providing the highest quality animal talent for all production needs.

Mission: to provide the highest quality animal talent for all production needs while ensuring  the utmost respect and safety for every animal employed.

From print and broadcast media to live performances, ATP supplies animal talent from ants to elephants. There are no limitations to the production forms we supply for. If you have any kind of animal talent need, ATP is here for you.

Animal Talent Pool is owned and operated by Debi Pool. Debi began her career in the production industry as a studio manager in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She was frequently assigned the mission to find and bring in animals of all shapes and sizes to be used in print and broadcast projects. While continuing to develop her extensive list of contacts, she branched out and created Animal Talent Pool in 1995.

As a mother of two, Debi has a true DIY ( Do it Yourself) attitude that has allowed her to successfully own and operate Animal Talent Pool for 20 years. Her daughters assist in production and administrative needs. Debi has a true love for animals and the work she does with them. ATP ensures proper treatment, respectful handling, and complete safety for every animal employed.